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Rat – atouille

June 30, 2009  |  Gardening  |  1 Comment

My garden, more specifically my tomatoes, always are invaded by creatures of the flying sort….birds. I have tried all thedifferent methods to persuade them to stay away from it but nothing ever seems to work 100% except for bird netting.  Bird netting is not the most attractive thing to have around your garden especially if it is quite visible. This year I have wrapped/draped the netting over the garden but I am in theprocess of building a frame for it so it will be more attractive and more accessible to retrieve the fruit of my labors. Yesterday I happened to check on the garden and found a rat that had infiltrated the garden fortress and in the process tangled his neck up in the netting. I assume he had been there a while because he had managed to tangle and twist the netting up pretty good. I ended up cutting the netting around him but there was no way I was going to clip the netting that was close to his neck. Once freed I tossed him onto the golf course behind our house ( I am not that well off, it is a public/city course).In the meantime I hope him or any of his friends do not come back anytime soon……





Cocoa Crusted Flat Iron Steak, french fry "onion rings",rosemary olive oil pudding with other stuff…..

This is what we had for Father's Day last weekend. I had the butcher at Kroger slice a Flat Iron steak thinly and then I combined it with Activa, rolled it up then marinated it with a mixture of cocoa, worchestire, garlic, olive oil and a few other things. I made french fry "onion rings" a rosemary olive oil pudding inspired by the Alinea cookbook and a reduced beef stock red wine jus. For an appetizer I made the Mango Soy Bonito dish from the Alinea cookbook as well. Since it calls for a piece of equipment that is obviously out of my range for purchasing – an Anti-Griddle- I improvised and used a sheet pan on top of a piece of dry ice. With the leftover dry ice I just threw it in the pool….cool…smoke :) The frozen mango puree is topped with soy sauce pudding and shaved/dried bonito ( I skipped the sesame oil). This was a really interesting flavor combination and one I would like to experiment with other flavors. For dessert we had fresh watermelon topped with tomato sorbet, reduced balsamic vinegar and a basil sweet syrup.

is growing a vegetable garden in your front yard against the law in Louisiana?

June 16, 2009  |  7 Comments

Okay so in my neighborhood there is a guy who has constructed two big planter boxes in his front yard, more specifically between the sidewalk and the street. He has planted rows of corn and it looks like squash/zucchini in the corners. Every day as i drive by his house I think to myself "well that is different and I really need to take some pictures of it". Well last night on the way home I noticed that about 60-70% of the corn had been cut down. This morning there was a sign up explaining why. Now I know that this aesthetically may not be for everyone but what is the difference is planting corn that grows 6-7 ft tall and a sunflower that gets even bigger in the same place?








just playing around…….Passionfruit Orange Black Pepper Gummi Bears

June 10, 2009  |  4 Comments

So I decided to try my hand at making gummi bears again last night and this is what I came out with. They were a little tougher than regular gummi bears so maybe next time I will use less gelatin. I used the cornstarch method from Chadzilla to make the molds using store bought gummi bears.