Canards in April

So few weeks ago we were in West Monroe, LA visiting my parents a week before my birthday. On Saturday night we decided to have dinner at Canards with my parents, my youngest sister and the poor man she has convinced to marry her :)

I have written about Canards in the past and the last time we were there I had a chance to meet the chef, Cory Bahr. Since that time we have gone back and forth via email and he has sent me some really cool recipes to try out.

One of the highlights of this visit to the restaurant was that the chef came out to our table several times to talk to to us. I had emailed Cory and told him about my initial foray into Molecular Gastronomy using peach jalapeno caviar on top of some grilled oyster with jalapeno mignonette foam. We talked about the different uses of molecular gastronomy and some of the products out there in the marketplace that currently use these techniques like BK onion rings and the pimentos in olives.

You would think that reading my blog that there are only two restaurants in this part of the state – Canards and Columbia Cafe. These two just happen to be our favorites and when we do get a chance to go out we would just rather go to a place that we know well. This is not to say that Shreveport and Monroe are limited in fine dining restaurants, in fact there are many restaurants that we want to try and that I will post on hopefully this summer and early fall.

Well as always our experience at Canards was near perfect. The food was amazing and the service impeccable. I look forward to many more a meal there.

Oh and let me know what you think about the display of pictures. Do you prefer this format or each posted individually ?

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  1. It looks like your meal was delicious. I like the slide show format.

  2. I also like the slide show format. How are BK onion rings molecular gastronomy?

  3. Mary – Yes it was
    Lisa – Ever notice how the BK onion rings are pretty much uniform. From what I have been told they use a puree of onions and combine them with TGM ( go here for an explanation)in order to shape them correctly.

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